Plant health: update of the list of invasive alien species

| Plant Protection Service

The Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1203 will again extend the list of invasive alien species of Union importance from 2 August 2022.

The Federal Office for Food Security (BAES) provides information on updating the list of invasive alien species:

The Commission's Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1203 updates the previously established lists of invasive alien species of Union-wide importance were extended. A further 2 invasive plant species and 15 invasive animal species as well as 1 species of brown algae have been added to the Union list*.

With the entry into force of the Implementing Regulation on 02.08.2022, categories of goods are additionally subject to import controls with regard to the new invasive species listed.

If invasive species are detected in the course of the inspection, the goods may not be imported into the territory of the Union.

Further information on import controls concerning listed invasive species can be found here.


* Other invasive plant and animal species will only be regulated from 2024 and 2027 respectively.

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