Legal basis

Anyone intending to carry out an activity in accordance with Section 3 (1) of the Plant Protection Products Act 2011 (Federal Law Gazette I No. 10/2011) or other business activities in connection with the placing of plant protection products on the market must notify the Federal Office for Food Safety in writing to be entered in the business register in accordance with Section 4 (1) before commencing the activity. A one-off registration fee and annual service fees must be paid for this registration.

The activities subject to Section 3 (1) include holding for the purpose of sale within the Community, including offering for sale or any other form of transfer, whether free of charge or not, and the sale, distribution or other forms of transfer themselves, but not the return to the previous seller.

Required data

Certain data must be provided for the registration, in particular

  • company name including legal form
  • registered office
  • company address
  • subsidiaries and branches
  • - all storage and handover points

Changes to data

Pursuant to Section 6 (3) registration holders are obliged to report all changes to their data in writing without delay.


All notifications must be made via the BAES eServices portal.

Questions about the business register

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