List of plant protection products authorized in Austria

In the Register of Plant Protection Products, all plant protection products approved by the Federal Office for Food Safety are entered under a consecutive number.

In addition to general information on the approval, such as the start and end of the approval, the approval holder, the manufacturer of the formulation, the active ingredients contained and the active ingredient content, the detailed application regulations, conditions and instructions are also listed.

The plant protection product register of the BAES is continuously updated and can be accessed online.

Operating aid

A half-hour training video gives you the opportunity to get to know the Plant Protection Products Register with all its functions and query options. By clicking on one of the white-blue icons on the progress bar, you can also go directly to a subchapter.

The following subchapters can be accessed in this way during the training video:


  • PSM register
  • Which products may be used?
  • PSM register number - How to execute?

The start page

  • Home page - First steps and settings
  • Standard search
  • Authorized plant protection products - How to search?
  • Edit and limit hit list?

The register extract

  • Outline and overview
  • Indications
  • Reference or origin member state
  • Register excerpt - previous version (historical register excerpt)
  • Register extract - export PDF

Predefined search queries

  • Introduction and basic information
  • New approvals, authorizations and distribution extensions
  • Renewal of approvals, authorizations and distribution extensions
  • Terminated approvals, authorizations and sales extensions
  • Indication extensions
  • Indication changes
  • Deletion of indications
  • Current emergency approvals
  • Terminated emergency approvals
  • Approval of low-risk PPPs

Download lists

  • Other available Excel files

Contact for inquiries about the register

Questions regarding content to: Institute for Plant Protection Products Phone: +43 (0)50 555-33400 Fax: +43 (0)50 555-33404 Email:

BAES does not assume any liability for the completeness and correctness of the data.

Funding bodies are the EU Commission, Ministry of Agriculture and Federal States

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