General Information on Experiments

Experiments are an important instrument to ensure the progressive development of agriculture, and the appropriate framework should be provided by sufficiently trained professionals. Good Experimental Practice (GEP) must be observed when carrying out approved experiments. The Federal Office for Food Safety (BAES) grants approval for an experiment upon application. The legal basis is Article 54 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009. The following guidelines aim to ensure transparency and traceability of plant protection product testing activities.


Pursuant to Article 54 of Regulation 1107/2009, experiments and tests for research and development purposes involving the release into the environment of an unauthorised plant protection product or the unauthorised use of a plant protection product may be carried out provided that the Member State in whose territory the experiment or test is to be carried out has evaluated the available data and granted an authorisation for experimental purposes.

Purpose of an Experiment

Tests may be applied for either for authorised or unauthorised plant protection products, for unauthorised use or for beneficial insects in accordance with Article 54. The potential of a new knowledge must form the basis of the experiment, whereby the experiment must be able to contribute to such a new knowledge either scientifically, technically or professionally.

The new guidelines are intended to help simplify the application procedure and speed up the processing by the Authority. It explains the exact application procedure and explains the new application form accordingly. As of 01.06.2019, the new experimental guidelines of the Federal Office for Food Security come into force. From this point on, only the application form provided on the BAES website may be used.

Communication relating to experimental activities must be carried out exclusively via the following e-mail address:

Independent execution of tests for test facilities

Once approval has been granted by the BAES, recognized testing facilities may independently conduct trials for research and development purposes within the meaning of Article 54 of Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009, subject to compliance with the conditions and application provisions set out in the Test Guidelines.

Guidelines on Experiments (Form (german only))

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