The annual plan of inspection shall specify the number of sampling and/or conformity checks, the number of establishments to be inspected and the checks to be carried out. The planned figures are used to determine random samples and to take account of follow-up activities due to infringements from previous periods and capacities for ad-hoc activities.

The stated planned figures regarding sampling and/or conformity checks as well as the plants to be inspected and the plant inspections to be carried out and the implementation of the inspection plan were determined in agreement with the organisational units concerned, so that it can be assumed that resources will be available for planning purposes.

Feed control plan 2018
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The following priorities are foreseen under the 2018 control plan:

  • Internet research: Since Article 11 (3) of Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 states that certain labelling particulars are also to be used when offering feed via
  • The review of offers on the Internet is part of the 2018 control year.
  • traceability of feedingstuffs: In order to ensure full and complete traceability of feed, it is necessary to ensure that only feed purchased and used from establishments registered and/or approved in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 183/2005 is used.
  • Carryover of components in feed for non-target species: According to Annex II, Production, point 3, of Regulation (EC) 183/2005, technical and organisational measures must be taken to avoid or minimise cross-contamination and errors in the production of feed. In this priority area, the issue of carry-over is increasingly addressed both in the context of inspections during process controls and, where possible, during sampling.

Jahresplan der Kontrolle 2020

Annual report of control 2016

The BAES Annual Control Report provides an overview of the control activities carried out by the Feedstuffs Division from page 19 onwards. The representation contains the results in analogy to the fixed planning and therefore gives information about:

  • Number of lots or batches checked by sampling and/or conformity checks and number of establishments checked and checks carried out,
  • the main focuses set on the basis of current issues, and
  • measures taken in relation to the results of control activities


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