Education and Training

Education and training pursuant to Plant Protection Products Regulation 2011

By 26 November 2015, and in accordance with Section 1 (1) of the Plant Protection Regulation 2011, distributors of plant protection products (including internet sellers), who sell to end users, must ensure that they have sufficient numbers of staff with specified certificates available at the time of sale of pesticides to provide information to customers on the use of plant protection products, health and environmental risks as well as safety instructions to manage those risks for the products in question.

The Federal Office for Food Safety (BAES) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) are the designated bodies for the implementation of trainings pursuant to Annex I of Directive 2009/128/EC for sales consultants and distributors of plant protection products for the purpose of obtaining the aforementioned certificate. This training shall consist of both initial training (16 hours) and additional training (8 hours) to acquire and update knowledge of the training subjects referred to in Annex I to Directive 2009/128/EC as appropriate. The above-mentioned bodies are permitted to appoint qualified persons with this training task. The content and scope of the certification systems shall be defined by the Federal Office for Food Safety.

According to Section 2 (2) of the Plant Protection Products Regulation 2011, the Federal Office for Food Safety sets the content and scope of topics to be taught as follows:

Education and training opportunities

Courses are offered by the Federal Office of Food Safety as needed. Ongoing and upcoming courses can be found in the current AGES Academy programme.

Pflanzenschutzmittel-Sachkundekurs: Erstausbildung mittels eLearning

Seit Mitte Februar 2015 steht nun neben den Direktschulungen die Möglichkeit zur Verfügung, den Pflanzenschutzmittel-Sachkundekurs für Vertreiber und Berater auch mittels eLearning zu absolvieren.

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